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Pure acoustic music
for the road less traveled.


The sound of Sacred June is fresh. The music is acoustic. The harmonies are tight. The songs are original. And the focus is Christ.

August. 2003. Corner of 16th and Broad. A Louisiana native walks into a dark Café just in time to see her finishing a sound check. Dream girl sits in the spotlight with a guitar in her lap. After her impressive set, he approaches her with the best pickup line he could come up with… “Do you ever …co-write?” This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

This husband-wife duo makes beautiful pop-grass acoustic music. Their message is positive without being preachy. Lighthearted yet noteworthy. Entertaining. Influential. It’s guitar, upright bass and harmonica. It’s fiddle, mandolin, cello and guitar. It’s pure acoustic music for the road less traveled. It’s Sacred June.


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  1. Gossip
  2. True
  3. Upside-down
  4. Angel
  5. Kiss the Girl
  6. Away
  7. Didn′t Have Love
  8. Brand New Boy
  9. In the Palm of Your Hand

Sacred June Debut Album

  1. Love Me All Over Again
  2. Marked
  3. The Night that Love Was Born
  4. Every Face
  5. Angel
  6. Attention
  7. Love of These
  8. Hit Me

Annalise Brock

This is Annalise's Solo Album.

  1. Attention
  2. Inside the World
  3. Where Will I Go
  4. Shall We Dance
  5. Trap
  6. Deeper
  7. Hand of God
  8. When I'm Ok
  9. Precious
  10. Secret
  11. Whizzing Scenes

Ten Mile Drive

  1. Hit Me
  2. Unconditional
  3. Superhero
  4. Angel
  5. Poor Man Blues
  6. Drive Me Crazy
  7. End of the Day
  8. Does She Know
  9. Are you Listening
  10. Broken Chains
  11. The Night that Love Was Born
  12. Maybe
  13. Walking Along

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July 20, 2013

On the Road - Missouri & Kansas

The two days of rest after North and South Carolina were cherished before we set out for western Missouri. Right out of the driveway, we were having a good time. The trip was steady and painless, we had energy, and our hearts were light. These feelings prevailed during the whole of our trip where we had four concerts (3 at churches in St. Joseph MO, Valley Falls KS and Rosendale MO, and 1 at a youth camp in Horton KS) and a radio interview (St. Jo).

It is not necessarily good performances that mark the "feel" of a show or a tour (although that helps). Usually it has more to do with the people that we get to meet and connect with. And we are thankful for the many new friends we made in these mid-west farming communities. The folks there are genuine and the land is quite beautiful (think rolling fields of corn swaying in waves with the wind and big round bales of hay dotting the plains along the highways.)

So we got to travel, fellowship with other believers, play music, and talk about Christ....what more could we ask for? Several times during the trip, Jacob and I looked at one another and commented "look what we are doing! who gets to do this?"

July 03, 2011

On The Road - East Coast

Thursday, we headed east in our chevy malibu maxx stacked to the roof with sound equipment and our seven acoustic instruments. We stayed that night with some really nice folks in Asheville, NC and continued our journey the following day to Myrtle Beach, SC. What should have taken us 5.5 hours ended up taking us 8 - due to a combination of holiday weekend traffic and our own ignorance about the best route to avoid such traffic. But we made it to town just in time to set up for our show at the Lakewood Camping Resort. We played from 8 until 9:30pm then packed up, took a brief walk on the beach, and began our nearly 2 hour trip to Wilmington, NC where we are staying for the week. We were pretty exhausted when we got to our destination - the house of some friends of our friends, who are exceptionally gracious to allow us to stay at their house - especially because they, themselves, are out of town.

Saturday we played a 2 hour show at the Salt Shaker Bookstore Cafe, where we were able to connect with some local Wilmingtonians in a relaxed cafe environment. This morning we headed back to Myrtle Beach to play some songs during 2 worship services at Lakewood Camping Resort Church - and now we are back in Wilmington with fully bellies and with thankfulness for new friendships with some neat people who are living out God’s calling to go into the world making disciples. We are looking forward to a few more shows this week and a few days of rest as well. Thanks for looking in on the progress of our trip. Stay tuned for more updates in the days to come.

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